The strange Zimbabwe

August 4th, 2011

P1030738.JPGIn the midst of the current social thunderstorm that is hitting Africa, this country seems to be all right. Which is weird. Zimbabwe is weird. Everything about it. The prevailing peace seems natural, though awkward considering everything this country has been through. The internationally acclaimed, feared and loathed dictator Mugabe still rules the country, but his subjects don’t seem to mind too much. Curious as our laziness allows us to be, we went and investigate the so called current state of fragile affairs here and, as most of the times, this country did everything wrong. The sad part is, it probably couldn’t be done any better.
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Gimme a clinic!

July 6th, 2011

TLH and part of the OCA crew.And thus were our days in Zambia filled with helping On Call Africa at their mobile clinics and, almost naturally, with their vehicles that were very short of some fine maintenance that we were able to provide. Needless to say, our own Doutzen was in need of some grooming as well. After all, we’d driven an entire 1000 k’s with her, pushing her limits as we tried to make it to Livingstone on time -and made it. Volunteering as we do, including researching the effects of a certain organization, brings us time and time again to surprising findings and one of those we’d like to share, as it’s very curious and questions the western presence in Africa.
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Who’ll help Matias the Malawian..?

June 23rd, 2011

After our quite awesome volunteering spell in the middle of the so called nowhere with On Call Africa, we arrived back and being the children of our era that we are, hurried to our laptops. Once these were running quickly, bright and shiny on our trusted Linux Operating Systems, we opened our e-mail. Amongst all the delirious fan mail, which we always reply to, we found the following message,
Matias\' mail to ThreeLeftHands
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On Call in the bush

June 16th, 2011

Vroom..!So there we were, on the side of the road on our first day in Zambia after we’d finally fled Malawi, talking to the driver and passenger of the Landrover that had just passed us by. Two people that we hadn’t seen or spoken to in over a year. Faith, coincidence or whatever kind of higher power you wish to attribute this unexpected reunion to, had dealt us another lucky card and in the process decided to provide us with a new opportunity to get involved with a great organization.

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The last bit of Malawi and a double reunion…

June 10th, 2011

The last parts, we take 'em!And so, finally, we left Monkey Bay for what would be the very last time. It is a shame that a place of such beauty, that meant so much in our trip, became such a morale bashing prison. However, our spirits were somewhere amongst the stars, as Doutzen pleasantly spun her engine and took us towards the next border. This border would of course not be crossed without Noflik, or at least the knowing of what happened to our now three year young Dobermann. Is she alive? Is she not? Is she eaten? Is she pregnant? For the how many-eth time? How many bastard Noflik’s are walking the earth now? Would she be turned in to a scruffy and vile streetdog, battling each day for survival amongst the ugly scruffy and vile streetdogs of some Malawian city? We didn’t know, we only knew that the Norwegian lady that we left her with, had moved back to her Scandinavian country of origin some odd months ago and left our loyal friend with a boy she trusted, named ‘Shadrek’. And so our quest began.

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Mission and Goal

After two years Africa, the ThreeLeftHands have not changed a lot, but we do have some things to say about this continent. After all, we’ve seen enough during those months of volunteering, traveling and all-round adventure. Now, what to do with that immense pile of experience, that invaluable heap of untouched wisdom?
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