About us

Tell me, who are these men anyway?:

Henk Rigter

Communications student, self-proclaimed marketing expert and eternal wanderer. Wants to travel abroad to ‘do something good’ from when he was 16, and finally is going to do so. Life has made him a bit cynical, but is known for his somewhat naive attitude towards mankind. Easy to annoy, yet quickly forgiving. Enjoys life, and doesn’t save a nickel.

Minne Bonnema

Genius ICT entrepreneur that’s living in Greece for quite some years now. When 21 he was fed up with school and started his own company. Later he moved to Greece without informing a lot of people. This man is always busy and not afraid to fail. Add this to a everlasting quest for freedom and you got an exploding bucket of ideas. Or, as we call it; Minne.

Marten (Mukkes) Mulder

The true hippie. Lives in a anti-squatters house, has hair with a length of a meter and an awesome recordcollection. Suprisingly this man can put the title engineer in front of his name and is allowed to teach. Probably the most colorfull and inventive of the bunch. Funny fact: Recently walked a fashion show in Paris.

The Doutzen Cruizer

Our model. Our pride. Our lovely. Our precious. Picked up in Germany so she could bring us from Holland to South-Africa, this girl aids us in our quest for a brighter world. Being a Volkswagen Transporter from the year of 1984, this van needs some quality time now and then, but we’re happy to give her that in return of our save passage across the world. Because we are three healthy young men, its not strange that our supermodel is named after that other Frysian supermodel. Actually, we are still waiting for a call from her to tell us how much she appreciates this honour. After that, she’ll invite us to a date ofcourse.