Nolfik, our loyal Doberman-pincher

Noflik is our only female companion. She is a loyal well-trained Doberman dog and is born on the 1st of October 2008. Although she looks a bit to small for a Doberman, because of her typical African underfed first months, her heart and behavior is exactly like it. While traveling through Africa, she protects us from the wild-life and keeps the car safe from beggars, robbers and flies.

She’s always in for a good run, jump and bark. Her mood depends on the amount of food, which she always consumes like she’s never been fed before. Don’t stay in a place to long with her, because withing days her spot looks like a graveyard, filled with bones and heads of goats.

Besides being a good fun guarding dog, she’s also a good mum. Giving milk like crazy and protecting her seven pups like hell, she raised a fine bunch of small little Dobermans..