As being a supportive organization, ThreeLeftHands strive to improve other organizations and individuals that are being visited. In cooperation with the counterpart organization, one or more projects are appointed to us and after completing the goals agreed upon, we moves on to the next organization that will hopefully also benefit from our visit. As long as an organization is serving the public, we will not make difference between organizations and offer their services completely free of charge. Below you can find a list of organizations we’ve helped in the past and some organizations we’re going to visit. If you have something in mind for us, please contact us and we will review your request.


Food for the Hungry

This American NGO has small semi-independent organisations all over the world. They help the local population becoming self-sustaining, have a child-sponsor program and start HIV/Aids projects.
Including a lot of small things, we successfully helped them out with:

  • Development and implementation of children database for tracking visits, food, progress and health.
  • Building a children playground with a Swing and Zig-Zag
  • Repairing an electrical diesel powered generator
  • Repairing libraries chairs
  • Giving work ethics lessons to management

Technical School, Zeway

This school is founded by a Swedish NGO, which built a perfect education system for learning technical skilled jobs. Unfortunately, when the Swedish people left, the knowledge and education level left with them. Ruled by the government, their’s no knowledge to repair, maintain and teach the children how to work with professional equipment. At the school we succeeded to help with:

  • Teaching (auto) mechanics and maintenance
  • Repairing and maintaining wood and metal working machines
  • Building electrical installation and finishing installation of machines


Poly technical school Gituamba

A small ambitious school with not enough students due funding problems and asking our help to raise funds through ISCOM.

Thika Highschool for the Blind

The only high school for blind in East and Central Africa. We’ve helped setting up a volunteering program to get some western hands on at the school. We’ve also updated their website