Well, thats another failed escape attempt…

Frisian flag chairs!“So we’re leaving Malawi today?” “Yeah, maybe tomorrow if we fail to find Noflik today.” And with these words we left, for what was to be the last time, the picture perfect surroundings of Lake Malawi which proved to be a prison instead of a paradise, refusing to let go of us. But finally we had broken free and moved on as far as Mua. Mua is a pretty place that we did not know and, if it wasn’t for some mechanic that might or might not have forgotten to put something in or leave something out because he got traditionally drunk around lunchtime. Somewhere near Mua, the Doutzen Cruiser suddenly mixed some ‘tick-tick’s’ in between her content diesel induced humming that made us stop her immediately. Before we knew it, it was an hour into dark and there was not much we could do, there in the middle of the night, which of course was dark. No need to point that out, except for the fact that you kinda need light to check whats wrong with your engine which is black already. Not long after that, a 4×4 pulled over and a guy stepped out, sporting a funny looking beard without a mustache. Funny he might look, but he also offered his help, pulled us to his place in Mua, fed us dinner and let us have a shower. When we entered his house, we saw women with dark-blue veils in pastel colored dresses that covered everything from their ankles to their necks and boys with their buttoned and also rather plainly colored shirts tucked tightly in their trousers, which made them look somewhat nerdy. The father then explained us, they are Menenites. Well, they might be strange, for us, but also incredibly generous and friendly to a couple of what they’ve must have thought of as 1970’s relics in a ragged down orange van. I mean, we could be psycho’s too.

Not good!Once again, the car broke up. Like scrap pieces of metal, we seemed to be tied to Malawi and it’s incredibly powerful magnet that it obviously must have hidden in it’s lake. Once again, we will set out to fix Doutzen, but now it is really starting to depress us, and the events of the last past days don’t really help either.

It started when one night, Henk was not hungry. His appetite, knowledge and appreciation of good food holds almost no limits and gives way to many discussion and joke “The difference between Henk and a tank? You can fill a tank!” Ha. Naturally, this all stems from amazement from the fact that considering his food-intake, Henk still maintains the physique of a professional athlete. How he does it? Order the e-book now for only €39,95. With a free signed photograph. So Henk did not eat that night, not hungry he said. The following night and day seemed to be fine except for a minor fever at night. But the next evening it struck again. Muscle-aches, 39.5 temperature, sweating while feeling cold and devoid of any form of energy. Next morning he didn’t feel to bad, but knew what had to be done and swallowed the first four of a total of twenty-four Lum-Artem pills. And as those pills fight the parasites in your body, it gives your body another kick.  Remember how as a kid you fell, had a wound and pain and then your mother would pain you more by sprinkling iodine over that wound? Same thing, but different. It gives you a heavy fever, an inability to sleep because of the pain in your legs and a need to go to the toilet for maybe 7 times a day. And the weird feeling of restlessness goes accompanied by a jolly lack of any form of energy. It knocks you out for two days straight and after that you slowly recover. Slowly. Your liver is a mess. Feels like it’s just been minced.

On that second day of Malaria there was some other news too. The biggest impact was probably Bin Laden’s death, but in Africa the people don’t really care that much about that. Honestly, our news holds little interest for them either but we like to believe it does. The news itself was a statement from Marten who came to visit Henk on his stinking sweaty sickbed saying “Henk, I don’t feel so good. My stomach is upset, you know?” “Oh God, not you too..!”

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