Who’ll help Matias the Malawian..?

After our quite awesome volunteering spell in the middle of the so called nowhere with On Call Africa, we arrived back and being the children of our era that we are, hurried to our laptops. Once these were running quickly, bright and shiny on our trusted Linux Operating Systems, we opened our e-mail. Amongst all the delirious fan mail, which we always reply to, we found the following message,
Matias\' mail to ThreeLeftHands

“Dear bros.Iam a Malawian staying in the city of Lilongwe.Yesterday,I Saw a red minibus at area 3 in Lilongwe.Upon arrival,I red on the door and it red’www.threelefthands.com’.I Kept the website in my mind until I reached home.After clicking that website, I red about your whole journey i.e you reached Mua,Mulanje mt e.t.c.But what caught my interest was your letter to Mr. President.I mean Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika.You mentioned about fuel crisis,beating up of people,shortage of forex e.t.c.You really were right and a’m in line wth your explanation.After going deep wth my reading,I also red of the development activities you donate to many countries like Ethiopia e.t.c.So, I hav thought it wise 2 ask for assistance becoz in my village,Dedza,40km frm Lilongwe,there r alot of orphans and the old who r needy.I think if I can have a chance of any sort of help,I can b very happy 2 save my people.We need a home,food and clothes.Here, I have already started providing little by little wth my brother.So I NEED YOUR HELP.Yours Matias Kamuyangwe.A’m looking forwad 2 your reply.Thank you “

Unfortunately, we were already in Zambia when we read this. Despite the horrible grammar and mobile phone-ish spelling we thought that this call for help deserved some attention. See, normally when people want help for development, the want it all. They money, the labour, the facilities, everything. As you can read, Matias and his brother have already started giving, and we can tell you, they haven’t got much themselves to begin with. We applaud people like Matias; they are the ones that will truly help their people to the next level.

The only thing we can do is publish his message, of course we discussed this with him and, together with us, he’s hoping that somebody who’ll read this will be inspired. We’ve got his contacts, so if you feel like helping this man and his village, let us know. Gather some clothes to send or pack your own bag and book a flight, do something!

And what about us…
This bog then, does not contain a lot of our own adventures. Don’t worry, next week you’ll find more of what we did. For now, you can enjoy the very first clip of how we entered Africa and the quest for our car. We’re very proud of the end result and hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as we did!

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